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  • Do you sell directly to homeowners?
    Yes. We're a small, custom manufacturer selling directly to homeowners, builders/contractors, and designers/architects. Mountain Craft Wide Plank offers a 100% custom product with personalized service at a fraction of the cost of other larger manufacturers. Our hardwood wide plank flooring starts at just $7/sq ft Please call us to discuss the endless options available to you.
  • Where do you ship and deliver custom wood flooring?
    We can ship across the continental United States, however we specialize in servicing customers in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Especially the following areas: Morgantown, West Virginia Deep Creek, Maryland Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Frederick, Maryland, Washington, DC Northern Virginia
  • What is the lead time for a flooring order?
    Our lead time varied based on our current schedule and the project specifics, but a lead time between 6-8 weeks is typical. A consultant will give you specific information on a lead time if you have a particular project in mind.
  • Can I order flooring from a species I do not see on your website?
    Likely, yes. We typically use any domestic hardwood species. That being said, we are a custom manufacturer and encourage you to call and ask about any project you have in mind. 304-777-4280
  • Does Mountain Craft Wide Plank make their own products?
    At Mountain Craft, we sell products that we manufacture. We are NOT a distributor of third-party products but rather a manufacturer that carefully mills each flooring order individually, tailoring the final product to our customer’s specifications.
  • Where does Mountain Craft Wide Plank source their lumber?
    Mountain Craft Wide Plank is as vertically integrated as possible. The more steps in the process we do ourselves, the more we can control the process and customize each floor to the customer’s unique specifications. We have a sawmill and dry kiln on site that allow us to start from the beginning--with logs. We also can source kiln-dried lumber from local suppliers or green lumber from local sawmills and dry the lumber in our own kilns. This flexibility allows us to be nimble and use the most appropriate raw material for each specific project. The vast majority of our lumber, whether in log form or in the form of kiln-dried or green lumber, comes from within 80 miles of our shop. Much of it comes from right here in Preston County, WV. The central Appalachians grow some of the most desirable hardwood timber in the world, and we use that robust local resource to craft hardwood flooring of the highest quality.
  • Can I use Mountain Craft Wide Plank flooring over a radiant heat system?
    Radiant heat can be used under our solid hardwood flooring. Strict guidelines must be followed during installation and use, however, to ensure that the system performs well and does not cause problems. For more information, see our “Wood Floors and Radiant Heat” document, under the resources tab.
  • Can Mountain Craft Wide Plank hardwood flooring be refinished?
    One of the advantages of solid hardwood flooring is its ability to be refinished. Our full ¾” solid hardwood flooring can be refinished many times, although we don’t expect you to need to for quite a long time. Mountain Craft Wide Plank hardwood flooring is truly a lifetime product. Mountain Craft flooring is made from trees that took decades to grow, and we make the flooring to last many, many decades.
  • Do I need to sand and finish my Mountain Craft Wide Plank hardwood flooring on-site?
    Mountain Craft Wide Plank specializes in pre-finished hardwood flooring, which does not need to be finished on-site. It is shipped and ready to install (after the wood has acclimated.)
  • Does my Mountain Craft Wide Plank hardwood flooring need a micro-bevel?
    Mountain Craft Wide Plank specializes in prefinished hardwood flooring. We also manufacture unfinished hardwood flooring for customers who wish to finish their flooring on-site. All of our prefinished floorings have a very small “micro-bevel” on all 4 sides of the planks. This helps to compensate for imperfections that are present in all subflooring.
  • Can I install Mountain Craft Wide Plank hardwood flooring in a basement?
    Solid hardwood flooring, such as the hardwood from Mountain Craft Wide Plank, is suitable for installation at or above grade only, not below grade. For more information, see the “Installation Guide” from the NWFA, available in the Resources tab of the website.
  • Can I install my Mountain Craft flooring with glue rather than nails?
    Our solid hardwood flooring can be installed with glue rather than nails if the plank width is less than or equal to 5”. Any planks greater than 5” wide should be installed with two forms of fastening, most often a glue and nail installation. For more information on a glue-assisted install, see the “Installation Guide” from the NWFA, available in the Resources tab of the website.
  • What species of hardwood flooring is the hardest?
    Hickory is the hardest of the species that we commonly sell. At 1820 on the Janka hardness scale, it is about 50% harder than Red Oak. All the species we sell are classified as hardwoods and are durable enough to be used in a residential environment for hardwood flooring. If you are looking for a particularly hard floor, you could consider Hickory (1820), Sugar Maple (1450), or White Oak (1360), all of which make exceptionally hard, durable flooring.
  • How much extra hardwood flooring do I need to order to ensure that I have enough?
    While the home's layout and the floor's specifics will affect this, it is generally prudent to order 5-10% more than the exact sq. footage to be covered. This should be enough to compensate for cuts and waste made during the installation process. If you come up short during installation, while we will always help our customers as much as possible, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to immediately begin making more flooring for you. There may be a lead time similar to a new floor being ordered. If this would be a significant problem, we suggest ordering a greater percentage extra to be safe.
  • Should I order any “attic stock”?
    While not necessary, it may be wise to order extra flooring as “attic stock” to be used for repairs or to replace boards over the floor's life. This would help avoid any long lead times or set-up fees if you need more flooring down the road.
  • How long does my wood flooring need to acclimate before installation?
    The time necessary for acclimation varies from job to job, depending on the site's climatic conditions. When the moisture content of your hardwood flooring is within 2% of the moisture content of your subfloor, the wood is sufficiently acclimated. See our “Acclimation and Installation” document under the resources tab for more information.
  • What type of glue or fasteners should I use?
    Please refer to our “Recommended Products” file under the resources tab for information.
  • What widths do you offer?
    The vast majority of our flooring is 3-8” wide. If you are interested in a product outside of that range, please call us at 304-777-4280. We are a custom manufacturer and do our best to accommodate requests.
  • Can I mix widths?
    Absolutely. We offer two types of floors: A single-width floor (such as an all 6” floor) or a mixed-width floor (such as a 3”,4”, or 5” floor.) Mixed-width floors can be installed either randomly (suggested) or in a pattern (4,5,6,4,5,6,4,5,6, etc.)
  • Can I use a robotic vacuum cleaner, such as a Roomba, on my hardwood floors?
    Yes. Ensure the wheels are constructed of a relatively soft rubber rather than a hard plastic. Ensure that the machine and its wheels are clean and free of debris. Test the vacuum cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area of your floor first to ensure there is no damage before using it on your entire floor.
  • Will wide plank flooring hold up to dogs?
    While dogs can be man’s best friend, they can be hard on a floor of any kind. Hardwood flooring is extremely durable and, with proper care and foresight, can be an excellent flooring choice for dog owners. A couple of suggestions Place a rug in front of a door that dogs may constantly use and go in and out of. Having your floor wire brushed from Mountain Craft Wide Plank gives the flooring a textured surface that holds up exceptionally well to pets. Opt for a lower sheen finish on your floor, which will not show scratches as readily. Avoid extremely dark colors, which would show scratches more readily Opt for a denser hardwood such as Hickory, Hard Maple, or White Oak
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