1) Pick Your Wood Species:

Red Oak
Red Oak
White Oak
White Oak



2) Pick Your Wood Age

       Young, Old Or A Little of Both: 


Younger Wood

Younger wood consist of less character and is usually more uniform in color within planks.  Younger wood is typically taken from the outermost lumber in the log.  Knots displayed in the younger wood grade are smaller than a nickel in size, and only appear occasionally.


Older Wood

The wood located in the center of a log displays the characteristics throughout the tree's life.  Limbs that and are overcome by new wood are now displayed as a knots throughout the lumber.  Older grade flooring has little restriction on knot size or color uniformity between planks


Or A Little Of Both

Mix & match old and new wood to create a unique style all your own. We'll work with you to achieve the effect you're looking for to match your

home and decor.

3) Customize Your Selection: 

Wire Brush.jpg
Hand Scaped White Oak.jpg

Wire Brushing

Wire brushing removes some of the softer spring wood which provides depth and texture to the grain, resulting in a highlighted grain throughout the wood. Wire Brushing is only available in the younger grade of Red and White Oak. Varying degrees of texture are available.

Hand Scraped

All species can be hand scraped, offering an authentic hand hewed appearance throughout the flooring. Each plank is authentically hand scraped by skilled craftsmen. Mountain Craft can vary the texture and intensity from a light scrape to a deeper, more pronounced, scrap

of faces and edges.

Pinned Ends

Walnut pins can be applied to the ends of the plank for a truly distinctive look of early centuries. Available in 4” and greater

width plank sizes.

saw mark (1).JPG
Custom Staining.jpg

Saw Marks

         Add a bit of rustic to any combination of flooring with the optional texture of saw marks within the lumber.  Clients wishing to fulfill this option can choose between circular saw or

band-saw marks. 

Custom Oil Staining

 Match any existing stain

or truly create your own

custom color

with options from

Mountain Craft Wide Plank.