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Wood Flooring Resources

For Customers and Homeowners

Below are resources to help you prepare for and take care of your new custom wood flooring. 

Preparing for your custom hardwood flooring

Each floor we craft at Mountain Craft Wide Plank is unique, made to meet the specification of each client. There will be a lead time between the time that you place your order and when your flooring is ready for pickup and delivery. We've prepared a checklist of suggestions we recommend you review and act upon during this time to ensure that you and your home will be prepared and ready to receive and take care of your new custom hardwood flooring.

Flooring installation and care

At Mountain Craft Wide Plank, we take pride in creating a quality, customized product that will be beautiful and perform exceptionally for years. We want our products to be an excellent investment for our customers. Following our Flooring Installation and Care guidelines will give your hardwood the best chance of meeting and exceeding your expectations and providing years of worry-free service.

Recommended products for use on your custom hardwood

We've put together a listing of products we recommend to use during and after your Mountain Craft Wide Plank custom wood flooring installation.


We are not affiliated with these products or their manufacturers; other products would be acceptable substitutes for these products. Except for Bostick Greenforce glue, which we specifically recommend as the glue used on all Mountain Craft hardwood flooring glue applications, all suggestions are readily available products that have been helpful to past customers.

If your wood flooring has a Rubio Monocoat finishing, you may consider these Rubio Monocoat-specific products.

For Wood Flooring Installers

Below are resources to help you best install Mountain Craft Wide Plank wood flooring products.

Bostick Smart Adhesives

All boards over 5 inches in width (6", 7", and 8") require two forms of fastening. We specifically recommend Bostick Greenforce glue for glue installations. Please refer to this Bostick PDF document from the manufacturer for instructions regarding the application, tools required, coverage, etc.

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