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It isn't very easy getting clients excited about a project when you're using

ordinary materials available to anyone, everywhere.


Its different when you start talking about a hand-crafted, custom-made,

locally-sourced, one-of-a kind product, especially when it has the inherent

natural beauty of hardwood. It helps turn you from an order taker into an innovator, and makes any project one for the portfolio. 

Because we are a small manufacturer Mountain Craft Wide Plank can take logs from your property - those removed for a build, from storm damage or timber that has reached maturity - and manufacture a custom wide plank floor, paneling, stair parts, mouldings or island tops.  This service is also offered for clientele that has raw lumber that has been previously kiln dried or only air dried.  Mountain Craft Wide Plank is one of few manufactures in the country that offers these types of services and can create

this one-of-a-kind experience for you or your client.

Part of our magic is taking a log and turning it into functional art with generations of use.  We operate the sawmill, dry kilns, planers, gang saws, moulders, end-matchers and finishing equipment - all at one facility. 



Mountain Craft Wide Plank can be your go-to partner in helping create an exciting project and enthusiastic client.  As we like to say "we're only a phone call away" so reach out and talk to us the next time you have a project that needs a special dash of artistry and passion.

Sometimes its just the thing to turn a potential client into a paying customer,

or a difficult project into an enthusiastic testimonial.

In the meantime, please check out just a small sampling of the possibilities and, if you don't see it well, remember the phone call thing.

custom wood flooring
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