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Custom Red Oak Wide Plank Flooring

Red Oak is the most popular hardwood flooring choice in the US and is perfect for your Appalachian farmhouse or anywhere else you want a beautiful, authentic, and natural aesthetic. At Mountain Craft Wide Plank, we take this timeless classic hardwood and customize it to your specifications resulting in unique durable solutions. 

Shown: Antiqued Red Oak Wide Plank Flooring

Character and Customizations for Each Red Oak Plank

About Mountain Craft Wide Plank

Custom Flooring Manufacturer

Mountain Craft Wide Plank is a West Virginia based flooring manufacturer specializing in custom wide plank flooring created from local Appalachian hardwoods.


​At Mountain Craft, we only sell products that we manufacture. We are NOT a distributor of third-party products but rather a manufacturer that carefully mills each flooring order individually, selling direct to homeowners and tailoring the final product to our customer’s specifications. Our small size allows us to to provide unmatched customer service and the ability to produce truly custom wide plank wood flooring options.

Handcrafted one plank at a time

Every piece of wood that starts as a log and ends as a finished product at Mountain Craft Wide Plank is handled 12, 13 sometimes 14 times by someone who is concerned about quality, workmanship and lasting beauty. That's the difference between custom craftsmanship and mass production.

Have Questions?

We're custom wood flooring experts who pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Please call us at 304-777-4280 to start a conversation. You can also use our website to contact us by email or request custom samples.


 We're happy to send you a box of large wide plank samples – at no cost to you. 


Shown: Antiqued Quarter-Sawn Red Oak Wide Plank Flooring

“The flooring we chose (Red Oak with contrasting Walnut transitions) is absolutely beautiful. It meant a lot to us to be able to support a local company while improving the floors of our 100-year-old home. They do exceptional work!”

-- S Riley

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