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Artistry In Wood

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quarter sawn Appalachian hardwoods
complement a custom hardwood floor with crown moulding

 Not entirely sure we could be called artists. We do, however,  proudly call ourselves craftsmen creating functional art.  Craftsmen because there is certainly a "craft" to proudly producing customized wide plank wood flooring, mouldings, solid wood paneling, beams and other wood products at our shop in the small town of Hazelton, West Virginia.

Discriminating clients come to us after they've looked - and haven't found - a product distinct and personal enough to really showcase

their home project, whether it be a renovation, addition 

or new construction.

Our mindset is to listen and learn about what our clients are looking for, be sure we understand their tastes and expectations and then use our skills to custom-craft a solution that exceeds expectations.


Much like a great meal starts with great ingredients,  being located in the epicenter of some of the world's finest hardwood - and having close relationships with hard-working loggers and forestry professionals - allows us the privilege of selecting the finest raw materials to start your project .

wood flooring craftsmen - quality custom hardwood floors
transforming logs into Appalachian hardwood floors

From there its a hands-on process that guarantees quality and a finished product to your specifications. 

A 2,000 square foot floor might be made up of 400 individual pieces of wood, and each piece is handled multiple times to ensure it is free of defects.

 At Mountain Craft projects are completed one client at a time.  Our focus is on the current project as we take a log and slowly transform it into a custom wide plank floor.    

sawmill 1.JPG

Not only does Mountain Craft care about the steps from logs to finished product but we also care about the shipping, installation, care and maintenance of the floor.  We at Mountain Craft go over the process step-by-step of shipping and receiving, acclimation, installation as well as care and maintenance of the floor.  Clients are also updated via email of seasonal changes and cleaning/maintenance tips. 


You are clients, under our protection, not customers.


And, if there ever is a question, we're only

a phone call away.

Matt Thorn & Max - Co-Founders & Owners

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