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Our Warehouse

Wood flooring from West Virginia hardwood forests

Mountain Craft Wide Plank is a manufacturer specializing in custom wide plank flooring created from local Appalachian hardwoods.  Nestled in the small town of Hazelton, WV, we're surrounded by some of the most desirable timber in the world. Northern West Virginia is known for its four seasons and harsh winter environments that give the local hardwood its slow growth properties. The result is timber known for its age, beauty, quality, deepness and richness of color.  

Working directly with loggers and forestry professionals, we carefully select only the best locally-sourced, sustainably-harvested hardwood. We hand-craft each log into custom wood flooring, solid wood paneling, moulding, wood beams, stair parts and other wood accessories. Our products always exceed expectations for beauty, quality and durability.

Custom hardwood flooring made in West Virginia
Hand crafted oak, ash, maple, cherry wide plank hardwood flooring



Important Tool

In The 


West Virginia wide plank hardwood floors

By far, the most important tool in the shop at Mountain Craft Wide Plank isn't a machine, a saw or anything mechanical - its simply a set of hands - ones attached to a craftsman with a discerning eye who truly cares about creating a superior product from some of the most beautiful raw materials on the planet. 

Every piece of wood that starts as a log and ends as a finished product at Mountain Craft Wide Plank is handled 12, 13 sometimes 14 times by someone who is concerned about quality, workmanship and lasting beauty. That's the difference between custom craftsmanship and mass production.

stylized illustration of a hardwood tree
Hand crafted wide plank hardwood floors from WV.





 At Mountain Craft our mission is simple - utilize the best local timber in the world for crafting wide plank flooring.  We provide local jobs, utilize a local natural resource and provide custom wide plank flooring to clients that truly want something special.


We work with Red and White Oak, Hickory, Maple, Ash, Locust and other species. Because we start from raw logs, not previously dried lumber, we can control every aspect of the production process to ensure the beauty and integrity of the wood is only enhanced in the final product,  so even the most discriminating client will be completely satisfied.  

Wide plank hardwood floors

Mountain Craft Wide Plank works just a little bit differently  than the off-the-shelf,  take-it-or-leave it approach you may be used to.

We are an owner owned and operated small business, so your satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. 


Different woods - young and old.

Different finishes, colors and processes.

Custom widths  and special orders.

Contact us today and we'll work with you to create the perfect product for your next project.

Custom wide plank flooring
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